Welcome to Inkpad

This is a sample document written in Inkpad, a simple, beautiful collaborative Markdown Editor to write, share, and collect your documents. If you're new to Markdown or Inkpad , check out our guide below.

Using Inkpad

Using Inkpad is pretty simple. Create a new pad. Click the icon to edit the text. Format your text with Markdown. Share if you want to have it public. Keep it private if not.

As you add more documents, they will be displayed on your Collections page. Edit, delete, share or unshare them from here.

Markdown Basics

# creates a document title

## creates a section title

### creates a section subtitle

Numbers followed by periods create a numbered list.:

  • asterisks make bullet points
  • so do dashes
  • and also plus signs

This is a blockquote. You can create one using >

Learn more at the Markdown project.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch between view and insert/edit mode: i

  • i switches to insert/edit mode
  • ESC switches to view mode

The editor supports some basic keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Cmd-B for bold
  2. Cmd-I for italic
  3. Cmd-H inserts a headline. Press it again and cycle through 6 levels of headlines.
  4. Cmd-O starts an ordered list with inserting "1." at the beginning of a line.
  5. Cmd-U starts an unordered list.
  6. Shift-Cmd-. starts a blockquote with inserting ">" at the beginning of a line.

And now give it a try!

Create a new pad and try it: Inkpad